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Srikhola - Holiday Home

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Holiday Home
Contact Person
Phone No.
Room Details
Caution Money
Service Charge
Sengupta's Hotel Shovraj
S. Sengupta / R Sengupta Email
+91 9832375546 / 9332499752 / 9830467506 / 033-25762585
Sirikhola, P.O. - Rimbick, Darjeeling 734201
2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8 bedded rooms
60/ 80/ 200/ 280/ 250/ 300/ 350/ 425/ 450/ 500/ 550/ 600/ 650/ 700
Rs. 50 will be charged for extra person
Lodging with Food (A.P.) Veg-300 per day per head Non Veg(Eggs) - 350 per day per head
Non Veg(Egg+Chicken) - 430 per day per head


Never ever stay at Hotel Shovraj.. It is total waste of money. They charge exorbitant rates which is very unjustified and kind of burglary.. Some examples are a single plate of rice--50/- Omlette-45/- etc.. You will get pretty cheap and reasonable hotels across the river bridge...

Hi, don't book Hotel Shovraj for your stay at Srikhola. you will feel cheated if you book Hotel Shovraj. It provides a service worth Rs.300/- but it charges you Rs.2750/-. once you book the room with full charge in advance and after check in you will find its impossible to stay there even, you will really feel cheated. and im suggesting you from my personal experience on 19th Oct,2015.

thanks for your review. Its really helpful

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Visit for holiday home review and photos.

Visit for holiday home review and photos.

To-Mr/Mrs old.gandalf the tariff of Hotel Shovraj includes food + lodging they provide bed tea,breakfast,lunch,afternoon snacks with coffee and dinner so there is no need to order extra food that will cost you.

so Mr/Mrs old.gandalf if you want to advertise other hotels you can do that but don"t write any thing"s that you don"t know.

Your information is absolutely wrong about Hotel Shovraj.

To-Mrs Amrita chattopadhyay how can we believe that you are really being cheated by Hotel Shovraj.

We found that Hotel Shovraj is a reputed and a internationally famous Hotel and we also figured out that Hotel Shovraj is running their business from 2003 till now.

I think you never stayed at Hotel Shovraj so you are writing this kind of bad comment.

We hope in future you won't write any bad comments about any Hotel.

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